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Inspectors will help protect you with the highest quality, written inspections in fulfillment of the industry's most complete inspection standards and Code of Ethics.

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Does Your New Home Measure Up?

Does your new home measure up?  These Home Inspectors Do.  MI-NAHI* Inspectors will help protect you with high quality written reports, in fulfillment of the industry's tightest Inspection Standards and Code of Ethics.

Each Michigan NAHI* Member on this site can be contacted for your inspection needs.  As you shop for an inspector, we recommend that you request & review an inspector's sample report and pre-inspection contract to determine who can best meet your needs.

Inspectors who belong to MI-NAHI* commit to many hours of continuous education each year.  They are serious about inspection as they are dedicated to reducing your risk.  Whether you are maintaining, buying or selling a home, MI-NAHI* inspectors can measure a home's condition and report the findings to you in a very useful way.

Chapter Mission Statement

The Mi-NAHI* Chapter exists to promote the highest standards of Home Inspection through continuous education, peer support, membership in The National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI*) and compliance with the NAHI* Standards for Home Inspection.


We Believe

We believe in being professional and we act that way. Our quotes are based on the value of our work and we work hard to ensure that you receive the full value of our services. If this is the type of inspector that you want, then you have found a great group of inspectors to work with.

MI-NAHI* exists to promote Provisional Inspectors to achieve Regular Member status and then to achieve their CRI qualification as NAHI* members.

* On 8/2/2016 the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) ceased operations and its membership merged with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  This site has been updated on this page only with this status and will remain on the internet for the remainder of its hosting contract (one year).   The inspectors who are represented here believe in excellence and are worthy of your consideration.

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